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The proliferation of job apps and the detrimental impact of them

Kate Allen, Executive Chair and Marketing Director, Allen Associates

Job hunting in the digital age can be as simple as a swipe left or right. Or can it?  Just like hailing a taxi, or finding true love, the entire process has inevitably undergone “Uberfication”; it has been streamlined, to meet society’s need for speed and efficiency.

Apparently it only takes a quick download, a log-in through Facebook and a few swipes and scrolls and hey presto, you’ve got what you want.

Of course, we can’t complain about the attempts to save time and improve efficiency - after all, there’s a good reason why people often compare job hunting to a full-time job. However, the proliferation of job apps has not proved the panacea that some would have us think.

In fact, those seeking to secure their dream job should be wary of the drawbacks of apps that promise the moon at a double-tap: they may be hindering, rather than helping, your search.

Swipe your way to missed opportunities

In our on-demand society, many of us don’t take the time for anything past first impressions.We judge books by their cover to make the process quicker and, as a result, we regularly dismiss golden opportunities, because they don’t catch our eye within a matter of milliseconds.

When it comes to job apps akin to Tinder, it’s easy to swipe left, without even processing the information on the listing. Even if we do stop to read, the app job ad won’t neccesarily paint a full picture of the position, the potential and the Employer through only a title, location and salary bracket.

Losing out on interpersonal connections

By relying too heavily on smartphone applications to simplify career advancement, we risk losing touch with our professional network.

After all, it’s impossible to cultivate a reputation with only a name and CV on a job app database. Instead, you must dedicate time to making connections with key contacts in the industry: your aim is to become Most Wanted in the talent pool, not the applicant with the fastest fingers.

Blending in with the job-seeker crowd

By simplifying the application process, job apps encourage more Candidates to put themselves forward for positions - that’s good news for Employers, but does little to help individuals stand out from the crowd.

While the information received through a job app can be the same as that of an online application process, many Candidates seeking to catch the eye of potential Employers won’t just blindly send a CV, tweak a cover letter and press the button.  They know it takes a lot more than a few clicks to gain a competitive edge over the raft of Candidates using mobile apps.

If you want to be more than just a CV in an inbox, you should work on crafting your personal brand, and promoting it to your preferred Employers. As well as taking advantage of platforms such as LinkedIn to share engaging content and increase your visibility, getting in touch with hiring managers through a personal email or call will prove your interest in the position exceeds that of those applying through an app.

If you really want the job, show them you truly want it by making an effort: it won’t go unnoticed.

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