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Why Recruitment could be the career for you

Kate Allen, Executive Chair and Marketing Director, Allen Associates

Whether you’re fresh on the scene or seeking a new challenge, it’s not unlikely that Recruitment has crossed your mind as a potential career path.

From the progression opportunities, to the variety of work and the Client and Candidate facing work, the role of a Recruitment consultant comes with a great number of rewards.

But be warned: Recruitment isn’t for everyone. While it may seem straightforward to an outsider, the role demands a well-developed and multi-faceted set of skills that only a few possess; it takes a highly-driven problem solver to truly master the art of match-making. If this news fills you with excitement rather than apprehension, read on: Recruitment could just be the career for you.

You thrive on excellence

Do you hear the words “Workplace Bake Off” and immediately start planning a showstopper? That’s a good start: you’re about to enter a profession with some of the highest standards out there, and for good reason.

Successful Recruitment consultants have high standards by nature. Not only must they be willing to go the extra mile to reap the rewards that the role can bring, but they must be incredibly mindful of the relationships they are building between Clients and Candidates, and making those as fruitful and long-lasting as possible.

As the consultant, the success of these relationships is the benchmark they will be measured against, and this has particular importance because they are an ambassador for the company. This is something we take very seriously at Allen Associates.

You’re a ‘people person’

If you seek a career in which you can just hide in the shadows and do your job, Recruitment isn’t for you. However, if you thrive from personal interactions and have a desire to build not just a career, but lasting professional relationships, you’ll be in your element in this industry.

Day to day, Recruitment consultants act as a liaison between an Employer and a pool of prospective Employees; they are the middle-man responsible for facilitating the transaction between both parties. To succeed, they must nurture a vast network of key contacts and never shy away from new conversations. Naturally, expert-level communication is the bread and butter of Recruitment - after all, the more Candidates and Clients that they speak to, the wider their network and the greater their chances to connect with unmatched talent.

It’s not just about volume, however. Taking the time to get to know Clients and Candidates, to find out more about their needs and what motivates them, is absolutely critical. If we didn’t care about this so much with all of the professional people, we wouldn’t have the business we do today.

You want to make a difference

If you desire a career in which your efforts contribute towards a good cause, look no further. This is a profession with a clear goal: helping people on the right track to career progression and assisting businesses to achieve ambitious growth targets. When you succeed, everyone’s a winner.  The current Employment landscape is intimidating to say the least, and business leaders looking to navigate these choppy waters today are usually looking for a first mate. This is where the Recruitment consultant thrives. In an era characterised by uncertainty, you will play a pivotal role in closing the growing skills gap in organisations spanning the industries, while helping, and championing, budding talent on the route to success.

Being in a position where you can really make a difference in someone’s life is not only rewarding, but energising. Even a quick catch-up with a Candidate to discuss career opportunities could be transformational for someone stuck in a rut. If you’re looking for a career in which you can immediately enjoy the fruits of your labour, Recruitment could be the one.

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