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Why clients shouldn't be afraid to recruit during this time

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At the start of the year, the UK was benefiting from joint-record levels in employment, at 76.6% and an estimated 637,000 job vacancies advertised between February-April 2020 (source: ONS). However, whilst we started the year full of promise, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic could have lasting implications upon employment rates. It’s still far too early to tell what the long-term economic impact of the lockdown will be, and we know that many companies have stopped recruitment as they look to see how the world will change.

At Allen Associates, we believe that it’s important to examine the ways that businesses can continue to grow. Taking a strategic approach to recruitment could be a key part of this.

Some professions have remained busy throughout the pandemic

Whilst many sectors have been badly impacted by the coronavirus, other sectors have been able to function in full. Some professions, such as marketing and HR have found themselves busier than ever!

As businesses adjusted to working from home, HR teams had to create new policies and procedures as well as conducting in-depth risk assessments. Meanwhile, marketing teams had to implement new internal communication procedures as well as adjusting campaigns and strategies to update existing stakeholders in the new ways of working. We’ve also seen a complete change in the way that many businesses have been working. For example, many retailers were forced to adapt to online-only sales which caused almost immediate changes in their planned marketing strategies.

Some businesses have flourished during the lockdown – craft-related companies have reported massive surges in popularity. There have also been numerous reports of enterprising individuals who have taken the time to launch their own companies over the last few months. Whilst many industries have been adversely affected, others have been able to flourish.

Why recruitment is still important during these times

Businesses clearly need to be cautious and realistic, recruiting could be the best way that you can continue to show care and support for your employees.

Many workers may be working harder than ever before; not only to cope with the new challenges  but also to adjust for higher workloads caused by others who may be ill or isolating as well as those who are having to combine full-time work with home schooling. Individuals may be feeling overwhelmed and stressed by these challenges and this is where recruitment can help.

Additional resourcing to help with workloads could not just prevent an employee from feeling burnt out but a fresh perspective could provide valuable insights and expertise. This could lead to greater productivity and business success.

Recruitment strategies can be more flexible

It’s important to remember that whilst recruitment is a big decision for any organisation, it can be highly flexible, allowing businesses to adapt their strategies quicker. Some businesses may have traditionally focused upon permanent employees, but in today’s dynamic and changing environment, it may be that short-term or temporary contracts become more favourable.

Businesses may take on new projects or initiatives which need immediate resourcing. In these cases, taking on a temporary workforce can allow your existing team to focus on the core tasks, whilst still maintaining key deliverables. The great benefit of a short term workforce is that businesses can employ staff of all levels of seniority – from students looking for summer internships and graduates looking to gain experience, through to Director-level consultants.

We can help you to identify solutions to your business needs

At Allen Associates, our expertise in recruiting permanent and temporary workforces means that we can work with you to identify your pain points and help to create an effective solution which meets your business needs. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to recruitment. Our clients know that we understand them as individuals, as well as understanding the sectors in which they operate. This means that we can be relied upon to provide strategic advice which will allow them to function effectively throughout the pandemic and as we emerge into a new future.

We have more than 20 years’ experience working with businesses in Oxford and London. To find out how we can support your recruitment needs, please get in touch.